Way back on September

Half a decade ago if I’m correct

I saw you coming out

Pink slippers worn on 3rd


That gets me wondering on the 15th

As I started working

Oh say a few weeks after

In my little world

I was looking to see you again


And when I did

You were…loud

You see

The picture I had of you

Was somebody well…less loud

As were most of my types


As time moves

As it always has been

I find myself wondering

Here on 3rd

Still working for half a decade

Between of which a lot

A lot has happened


Peoples lives have taken many, many turns

As it always has been

I find myself wondering, accepting, and smiling

Here on 3rd

Of your life so blessed

Your voice…less loud than before

Maybe your soul quiet and reflective

Such as that within those that I admired

Of my types

I’d come to admire