Very enlightening! Very simple and very, very, very informative. A must see for students interested in doing artworks without much thought processes involved! Wow! I sorta had Graphic Design as something involved in hours and hours of careful planning. But the speaker at the time, Mr. Ron Roman, shared with us on that day that in Graphic Design, all that matters is the visual aspect.

The visual side of creativity. Thinking visually through visuals. Simple huh? Not quite. What makes the process involved is that one needs to be familiar with the basics. A graphic designer needs to be for example mindful of the edges to obtain balance. He needs to perceive the negative spaces in the composition. The relationship between the black and white areas which help in bringing out the message the designer wants to say. This in turn would help the designer be mindful of light values and shadows. All these show the inner personality of the person. His life, his dreams, his soul.

And how does one achieve all this? Ron simply says one of the hardest things artists, would be designers like myself would ever do. And that is simply, “Discipline.” Yikes! I hate to admit it but Ron’s thoughts made me realize how much I miss out practicing the basic skills needed to be one hell of an artist. As of now, I’m the mediocre artist. Just like Ron here. He even shared little of his stay in art school I was also attending at the time. Like myself, he was the mediocre student who would rather spend time with friends in parties, “gimmicks” than doing the needed requirements in his subjects. Ironically, he is now a creative designer in a design agency. The steps he had to do before becoming one were very hard for him. He remembered he had no idea on what to do in his first assignment. He looked like a fool then. Somebody who didn’t bothered to do thumbnails. Ron realized by then how these thumbnails could help solve his problems. The way he saw then was that thumbnails helped the mind put together ideas that were not there before. They sort of act as pieces to an obscure puzzle. Now that’s something artists and designers need to think about. So basic, we sometimes take for granted how much they could help.

Another basic he wanted us to do was to doodle. Now how could this help us? Doodle!!? Well, he said that like thumbnails they exercise creativity. They exercise the way the artist or designer puts his ideas into one clear thought. Cool huh? Not easy, but with a little discipline, artists and designers would eventually be able to present their ideas clearly, artistically, and I guess intelligently.

Now lets go into something I personally find the most interesting in his talk. He shared to his young and not so young audiences that ideas no matter how stupid they may seem, may be useful later. There’s truth in what he said that day. It’s just that people find it hard to share those stupid ideas because simply they are stupid and the danger of being branded as fools. Well maybe that’s true. Unless that particular idea is a catalyst for other less stupid ideas to come out. Besides design and ideas are a matter of taste he said. It’s just the timing and type of problem one needs to consider.

Ron ended his talk by leaving us again basic pointers that may not only help us become graphic designers, but better artists in the future. He wanted us to be idealistic and respect everything and everyone around us. To be serious about our work. Working outside in the world is difficult. The competition is difficult. So always try-out the basics. Personally, The talk was simple enough. It’s just that again I was awakened with the simple truth on how to go about things in the graphic design business. Hopefully, I’ll try my best to do these things. And maybe someday, somewhere there would be a place that would be happy with my talent.