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October 2011

Not to Dwell

Looking back and I sit

Collecting pieces

Too muddled for even Truth to clear uncertainties

Our time

Placed thus

Our time


What should be

Our time

Making most

Collecting pieces

And thus stashed for us not to be hindered

Our time


Our time

We face

Making most

Of what life has made us

Of what life

That still awaits for us.


Quiet Beauty

I met you briefly

Yet I remember you still  back then

Moments stilled in my memory

Your manner composed and serene

Likened to a soft breeze over green plains

Your smile.

An orange sunset that pushes helplessly the gloom of the coming night

Your Eyes

A window wherein the  new moon of September shines outside

Oh I remember these well

And Time halts

It is here I can’t help but smile to myself


Then longing that image of  you

A simple picture of silence that to my being can echo a thousand songs

Deafens and wakens my heart

Left for days at times daze-like, I search in her absence

Her silence. One and several beautiful things I saw of you

This as far as I know

Is enough to make me still and picture you

In all your deafening presence

Amidst the silence


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